Interessted to earn some money Fast, easy and, above all, seriously?

It's easy with the Info-Commission from Living First Immobilien!

And that's how easy it is:

You know someone from your own family, a neighbor, acquaintance or friend, who wants to sell a property (apartment / house / multi-family house / commercial property), or a property (like with an old property)?

What to do? Just recommend us to the seller!

Thanks to our info-commission, you will receive 20% of the net purchase commission you have received (after the conclusion of the notarised purchase agreement).

Here is a sample calculation:

Sale price of the property 250,000,-- Euro at 3% net commission = 7,500, - €

This corresponds then to an info-commission of 1,500,-- Euro for you! Interested?

Do not forget! Our complete activity for the seller is fully free of charge!!

Discretion is guaranteed!

Yes, I know somebody...

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